The Ten Commandments GoMovies

Category: Action, Adventure, Biography

Actor: Dougray Scott, Linus Roache, Naveen Andrews, Mía Maestro

Release: 2006

Country: USA

Run time: 100 minutes

Director: N/A, N/A

Imdb rating: 7.5

Quality: HD

When an oracle prophesizes that a child will become Prince of Egypt| a time of danger approaches the kingdom. The Egyptian Pharaoh orders the massacre of all newborn
males. But one child| Moses-the son of a Hebrew slave-escapes certain death when he is set adrift on the Nile. As years pass| he is raised in a royal Egyptian
household and| with no memory of his family| rises to the stature of prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage| and inspired by a fiery message from God| Moses
embarks upon a noble and desperate fight to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people.